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At Breit Biniazan, we fight for what we believe in. We believe in justice for those wronged. We believe in a fair day in court for all. And if you were the victim of an avoidable catastrophe, we believe in you, and we will fight to get you the justice and compensation you deserve. 

Our Virginia Beach personal injury lawyers can’t help you reclaim the life that was stolen from you, but we can help you build a future you love. If you or a loved one were the victim of an unnecessary and life-changing injury, we won’t back down until you see justice.

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Our Virginia Beach Law Firm’s Practice Areas

At our Virginia Beach law office, we advocate for clients with personal injury claims involving:

Product Liability

When products are defective and lead to injuries, those responsible—manufacturers and distributors—should be held accountable. That requires a gritty law firm who’s willing to dig in for the fight.

Sexual Abuse

If you suffered abuse at the hands of a stranger or someone you know, it can feel like your voice was silenced. Our attorneys will make sure you and your rights are heard as we relentlessly seek retribution.

Truck Accidents

With their massive size and weight, it’s not surprising that trucking accidents cause the most catastrophic injuries, but proving fault requires the expertise of truck crash attorneys.

Catastrophic Injuries

A catastrophic injury compromises your ability to live life as you know it, but courtroom justice helps you move forward.

Wrongful Death

No one deserves to die unfairly, and no loved ones deserve to live with those consequences. Our wrongful death attorneys in Virginia Beach fight to ensure those responsible are held liable. 

Brain Injury

Brain injuries often lead to impairments that compromise the victim’s ability to work or live independently. Adapting to this unexpected future requires fair compensation from those who caused the injury.

Premises Liability

It’s fair to believe that a property owner will maintain the safety of their property, and when their negligence results in a premise injury, the victim deserves retribution.

Car Accidents

Car accidents happen in an instant, but the consequences can last a lifetime. Victims deserve fair compensation to rebuild their lives.

You Only Pay When We Win Your Case

Unexpected personal injuries are physically traumatic, but they’re also emotionally, mentally, and financially debilitating. The last thing you want is to add to an already stressful situation with legal fees, especially without the assurance that they’re even worth it. When you choose Breit Biniazan for your Virginia Beach personal injury case, you’d don’t have to. 

We believe every victim of a catastrophic or unexpected injury should be able to pursue the justice they deserve, and cost shouldn’t be a barrier to them. We also believe in our ability to make that justice a reality. That’s why we don’t charge our clients a penny until we successfully win their case.

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