Uber and Sexual Assault: What You Need to Know

Kevin BiniazanJanuary 24, 2022

A report released by Uber indicates that the number of sexual assaults that occur by drivers is on the rise.According to the report, riders reported 3,045 incidents of sexual assault last year, up from 2,936 cases in 2017. 

But while the number of sexual assaults reported by Uber drivers has risen, there is no uniform policy for re-screening of drivers to prevent perpetrators from driving for the company. The company also doesn’t publish its data on the number of complaints it receives. That’s because a majority of complaints don’t include incident reports. This means that Uber has yet to publicly share its full data on sexual assaults.

Because Uber drivers are often transporting individuals traveling alone, there’s an increased chance that someone with bad intentions will take advantage of an unsuspecting victim who is literally just along for the ride. An Uber driver likely knows that the woman is alone and perhaps not familiar with their surroundings. Sexual assault victims do have a right to pursue both civil adn criminal charges. The wrongful conduct of an Uber driver can and should be punished in a court of law and the victim can also seek just compensation for the trauma they’ve experienced.

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