Seat Belt Myths

Kevin BiniazanJanuary 24, 2022

Seatbelts save lives. Yet, despite this fact, many people continue to neglect using their seatbelts while driving. In this article, we discuss some of the top misconceptions about wearing a seatbelt in hopes of encouraging drivers to be safe and always buckle up. 

Seat Belt Laws in Virginia

There are two types of seat belt laws in Virginia: primary and secondary. 

Primary seat belt laws allow a police officer to pull you over and give you a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt. Secondary seat belt laws allow an officer to pull you over for a driving infraction and then give you a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt.

Almost every state in the U.S. requires that both drivers and passengers wear a seatbelt. And for good reason: seatbelts save about 13,000 lives each year. 

Myth #1: Seat Belts Are Uncomfortable

The Transportation Safety Board found that when drivers correctly adjust their safety belts, they experience significantly less discomfort. Typically, the driver’s improper use of the safety feature is what causes discomfort and movement restriction, not the seat belt itself.

Myth #2: Wearing a Seat Belt Only Affects Me

When you don’t wear your seat belt, not only are the people around you at risk but also other drivers on the road. Seatbelts are needed to maintain body control during a collision, so if you are not wearing one, the chances of bodily injury to you and everyone around you increase. 

Myth #3: If I Have a Seat Belt on, I Won’t Be Able to Escape a Crash

The reality is that a seatbelt will help you survive a crash. If it isn’t fastened, you could fly out of the car and get hurt by debris or another vehicle. By keeping you safe in your vehicle, seatbelts actually prevent you from being knocked unconscious. That means you will be alert enough to try and remove yourself from the accident. 

Myth #4: I’d Rather Be Ejected Away from the Wreckage of an Accident

You are 4 times more likely to be fatally injured when thrown from a vehicle. It is far worse to be ejected. 

Seat belts are important for your safety. They reduce the risk of injury in case there is an accident, and they can save lives! Wear one whenever you drive to ensure that not only do both yourself but other people too survive this tragedy.

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