Can A Doctor Cause Cerebral Palsy

Kevin BiniazanJanuary 21, 2022

Can a Doctor Cause Cerebral-Palsy? Many parents wonder this question, especially after learning that their newborn child is suffering from this neurological disorder. This condition is not a sign of malpractice, but it can be caused by negligence by a doctor. It can also be the result of genetics or improper prenatal care. There are a few potential causes of cerebral palsy, including premature birth, fetal distress, infection during pregnancy, and deficiencies in newborn care.

When a doctor fails to properly diagnose or treat a child with CP, it can lead to the development of CP. Many cases are the result of medical mistakes, which may include not recording the relevant medical conditions, refusing to treat a patient based on certain factors, and ignoring the patient’s wishes. In large hospital settings, there are administrative issues that can contribute to confusion. This can make it difficult for medical professionals to provide relevant information regarding their treatments and obtain informed consent.

In some situations, a doctor may be negligent when delivering a child. When this happens, the baby may not receive adequate oxygen during delivery. In such cases, the baby may suffer from cerebral palsy. The medical professional’s responsibility is to provide competent care. If their actions fall below the accepted standard of care, they are liable for the injury. In such cases, the child’s parent has every right to seek compensation.

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